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Running for a Cause

You’ve heard of people running for charity, and you’re contemplating if you should too. Not only will it provide an amazingly fulfilling experience, but there are so many other reasons you should consider running for a good cause.

It Makes a Difference

There are a plethora of charities one can choose to support. From raising funds for medical research to raising awareness for a cause of your choice, your actions can help improve the lives of others. Whether it’s providing funds for animals who require protection or supporting victims of a natural disaster, running for a cause will surely make a difference to the lives of those who really need it.

Boosts Motivation

For some, even running a 5k can be difficult and while training, one may start doubting whether it is worth it, however when it is linked to a cause near and dear to your heart it can help you push yourself to achieve the milestones you aim for. This is a great way to keep yourself motivated and help you stay consistent with your training. If you still want to feel motivated and help bring a positive change but don’t have it in you to run a 5k or triathlon, you can use apps like Charity Miles that help transform all the miles you walk, run or bike into money for charity.

Raises Awareness

Along with raising money for a charity, participating in events such as the Malibu Triathlon, amongst others, can help create awareness for their cause. While we helped raise money this year during the Malibu Triathlon we also helped raise awareness for the amazing work that is done at the Pediatric Cancer Research at CHLA. Every person who sees the triathletes has an opportunity to learn about why they’re motivated towards this cause, leading to a different type of long-term impact in not only raising awareness but by hopefully convincing others to try it out next year!

Improves Your Health

While running for a cause is a great way to make a difference and raise awareness, it also helps in improving your overall health. Whether you are running the Malibu Triathlon or using apps like Charity Miles to help raise money for charity, it is a great way to stay fit and invest in your health.

Makes You Feel Positive

Not only is it something that you can tick off your bucket list, but running for a cause directly impacts your mental well-being, helping you boost your positivity. From the training sessions and hard work to the hyped-up environment and roaring crowds, the feeling of euphoria you experience when receiving appreciation and knowing that you made a difference is something that will definitely leave a positive impact on your life.